Our program is for entrepreneurs who are struggling to charge their worth, properly brand themselves, find their identity in the marketplace and just want more out of their life and business. What better way to do this than by running alongside other amazing women who want and desire similar things, who will hold you accountable. 


Our 7-week business incubator is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand, increase their income, establish identity, and effectively market themselves along with their high ticket products/services.

May 3rd - June 19th | Weekly sessions will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM CST and will be recorded.


  • You know that you're talented and gifted, but you struggle with where you fit in the marketplace. 

  • People want to pick your brain and ask for advice but once the invoice is sent, you cant find them.

  • You struggle with making the amount of income you desire in your business and it feels like you have to chase people down to pay for your products and services.

  • You have a hard time seeing your worth in the market place and haven't been charging what you know you're capable of charging. 

  • You aren't confident in front of people and it's holding you back from showing your expertise and becoming an expert in your field.

  • You're constantly comparing yourself to other women and your competitors.

  • You aren't reaching your goals and know you can do better.

  • You struggle with telling your story and conveying it through your brand.



Erica Boyd

Kheiston and her team are so very professional, efficient, proficient, and were a joy to work with. They are so very thorough and did not mind answering any question I had. My website looks professional and is a definite upgrade from my previous one. My website’s traffic has improved and I have gotten so many compliments on the organization of it....And what I’m most proud of, my sales have increased drastically!!!! 

Felicia T Simpson

Kheiston’s services are impeccable. She was so passionate about my brand & business while creating my website and logo. With her services, I’m able to make money while I’m sleeping literally and I’ve gained tons of opportunities since using her services.

Joi Roberts

Kheiston is AMAZING! I signed up for her mentor program. She encouraged me through a difficult time and gave me amazing advice. I desired a mentor that would give me Christ-centered guidance, to help my business grow. She did not disappoint. I highly recommend her services. She’s extremely passionate about what she does, and it shows. 

Archie Stewart

Kheiston helped me lay out what's next in my business and I could not be more relieved from our conversation! She was able to help me process my ideas while also giving me more ideas for targeting my ideal client, landing clients, and creating content for my audience. She definitely knows her stuff!



Use Photoshop and brand your business properly

Create your own website

Reach your target audience

Properly brand and market yourself & your business on and off social media

Create a profit and make an impact

Run automations & System integrations  

Scale your business

Consistently sell high ticket products and services 

How to successfully launch products and services 

Diversify business and income


You feel as if you're all over the place.

You find it challenging to brand and market yourself & your business on social media.

You're burnt out and desire to place your business on autopilot.

Your audience fails to show up for you. When you launch something the outcome isn't what you expect.

You desire to create a brand that speaks for itself and you're ready for everything God has for you in this season.

You're ready to grow and learn how to tell your story and share your gifts with people whom you don't have to chase.

You're ready to receive and produce passive income in your business.

You're ready to stop struggling to reach people and get them to purchase what you put out.

You're ready to showcase that you are an expert in your field.

You're tired of not achieving your goals and need the push from people in your community.

You're ready to make the income you desire in your business.

Secure the Season, is a 7-week business incubator for individuals who are actively seeking to level up in their own lives and business! A program carefully crafted and will drive your results.